Caring for and stewarding Hollow Oak Land Trust properties is a big job – and an important one. If you are interested in helping us clean, care for, and protect our trail systems, becoming a Hollow Oak Trial Steward may be the perfect fit for you. Trail Stewards ensure trails are monitored, cleaned, maintained, and accessible to all trail users by performing a variety of trail-based tasks depending on the season. Our family-friendly program provides tools, training, and supports so that Trail Stewards can serve on their own schedule.

The Role of a Volunteer Land Steward

The purpose of the Hollow Oak Land Trust Land Stewardship program is to provide guidance for volunteers who help manage the terrestrial and aquatic habitats in our care. Activities may include planting native species and the control of invasive species, as well as trail work and access improvements. Land stewardship also includes completing monitoring reports and maintaining positive relationships with visitors and neighbors.

Hollow Oak Land Trust Conservation Values

Many of Hollow Oak’s conserved lands are intended to protect and restore habitat for native fish and wildlife. On many conserved lands, this is the primary conservation objective. Sustainably-designed trails are provided where the public is invited to enjoy these lands without causing significant impact to the habitat.

Stewards are the “Eyes and Ears” on the Land

Stewards monitor the condition of its lands for several important reasons:

  • To maintain a record that documents the current condition of the conservation values being protected by Hollow Oak Land Trust (e.g. wildlife usages, condition of plan communities, habitat features, and natural processes)
  • To identify threats to the conservation values so that they can be managed to better protect the conservation resources
  • To ensure Hollow Oak’s lands are being used appropriately by the public in a manner that does not damage the conservation resources
  • To detect encroachment on borders
  • To alert Hollow Oak to the need for action in case of misuse

Hollow Oak Volunteer Land Stewards

  • Increase our presence on our lands through more frequent site visits, thus encouraging community awareness of Hollow Oak’s role, mission, character, and appropriate use
  • Promote stewardship in the community by taking good care of the land and thereby setting a positive example
  • More quickly identify problems such as an invasion or spread of noxious weeds, inappropriate public use, or other areas with resource concerns that need attention
  • Better safeguard our conservation resources for future generations
  • Accomplish further restoration activities to quicken an ecosystems optimal health

As a Volunteer Land Steward, you are a Hollow Oak ambassador representing the Land Trust while stewarding the site. As we conduct important work, we enact change, thus some confusion naturally arises. We aim to relieve confusion and live as collaboratively with our community as possible. Volunteer Land Stewards should inform Hollow Oak staff of any issues as soon as they become aware of them.

Our Commitment to YOU:

  • Provide training and trail care best practices
  • Provision tools and supplies as necessary (garbage bags, hand tools, etc.)
  • Enrichment opportunities
  • Seasonal incentives and recognition events

Your Commitment to the Trail:

  • Regularly utilize the trail and monitor needs (approximately 5 hours per month)  Attend a Trail Stewards annual meetings
  • Report maintenance issues to Hollow Oak Land Trust (trash in conservation areas, illegal dumping, vegetation overgrowth, etc.)
  • Perform maintenance such as trimming overgrowth, cleaning graffiti, and removing litter  Report service hours monthly through an online form
  • Promote and advocate the mission of Hollow Oak Land Trust
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